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High-Tech Fire Prevention and Control Solutions

Christian Tovar - ECA Fire Systems
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High-Tech Fire Prevention and Control Solutions

Alexis Avalos - ECA Fire Systems


Andrea Villar By Andrea Villar | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 10/19/2020 - 10:47

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Q: How did ECA Fire Systems start and which is your strongest area?

AA: More than 10 years ago, we worked in a company dedicated to firefighting systems. We decided to start our company in the same field, focusing on the commercial, logistics and operations aspects. Everything started as a hobby and now it is part of our daily life. Currently, the industries in which we are most present are the post-pharmaceutical, hotel, construction, automotive, food and beverage and energy fields. We are a distributor of different brands that can meet the requirements of any client in any sector. In addition to our business core, which is fire protection systems, we also offer access controls. This has forced us to expand our operational scope. 

We work hand in hand with clients and developers. There are industries, such as construction and hotels, where third-party developers are needed to meet all the requirements of these customers. However, in the engineering area of the company, we develop technology so that we do not have to depend on them. 


Q: What makes your offering more attractive than that of your competitors?

CT: We offer almost all brands available on the market. However, the most requested brands are Notifier and Kidde Fire Systems. Likewise, there are secondary brands that are necessary, such as Bosch, Hochiki and Fike, whose technology can be applied in alarm and detection systems, water or foam-based suppression, among other solutions. In addition to distributing these leading brands in the market, we also offer third-party installation supervision, in-service testing, programming and preventive and corrective maintenance. One of our objectives is to maintain a close relationship with our clients to see what their needs are and to ensure that we comply with the one-year warranty that we offer after the delivery of the services. 

In more than 80 percent of our clients' projects we provide solutions that combine the different technologies we offer, including firefighting, communication and security systems. We always try to offer integral solutions in partnership with the engineering, operations and financial departments of the company. 


Q: How do you encourage customers to adopt more advanced solutions?

AA: As part of our strategy, we list the benefits of using high-end branded solutions. One is the durability and reliability of the equipment. Higher-quality products, for example, do not send out false alarms. In addition, customers are usually looking to save on insurance policies, which are already pricy. This is a point in our favor because if companies use certain high-end brands, they can reduce the price of their insurance policies due to the systems’ warranties and certifications. Besides, higher-quality devices can be integrated into new products, which cannot be done with lower quality and, therefore, disposable equipment. 


Q: What solutions do you offer in the area of electronic security?

AA: At ECA Fire Systems, we offer digital platforms, equipment and installation. Our mission is to convert the ideas of companies into quantifiable solutions. A company may have requirements such as a camera that senses temperature, movement or that focuses on certain objects and we are able to meet these requirements. 

CT: Some of the technology in fire protection and electronic security systems involves the monitoring and remote control of installations. Particularly now, in the midst of a pandemic, it is a necessity for companies to monitor their systems remotely and be sure that their firefighting equipment is functioning perfectly. 


Q: How do you expect Mexican regulation regarding fire safety to improve in the near term?

CT: Mexico is a country in diapers when it comes to fire safety. The culture in this area is very poor and ECA Fire Systems has the mission to foster a fire prevention culture among our collaborators, clients and their families. It is necessary, however, that the government organizes awareness campaigns for the population and companies to eventually make these systems mandatory. The requirements to ensure optimal safety of people and assets of companies and families need to go beyond having a fire extinguisher. 


Q: What are your primary objectives for this year and early 2021?

AA: The company wants to consolidate and grow in Mexico. In 2021, our goal is to expand the services we offer and open a fire extinguisher recharging center. It is important to mention that our employees and collaborators are key considerations in all our growth plans. 



ECA Fire Systems is a Mexican company that offers a variety of fire prevention and control technologies, in addition to smaller portfolios of electronic security and communications solutions

Photo by:   ECA Fire Systems

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