Ana Paola Durón
Country Manager
Amadeus Mexico
View from the Top

Integrated Offering Boosts Travel Experience

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 10:15

Q: What role does a technology company like Amadeus play in the tourism and travel sector?

A: Amadeus is the global technology leader for the tourism industry. We are the bridge between all players in the sector, including travel agencies, hotels, car rental companies, insurance companies, airports and airlines. We provide the technology and platforms that connect these companies and act as a consultant when developing their business strategies, helping them to analyze their expectations and their current processes. 
We are the owners of our technology and do not rely on third-party collaborations to offer our technology solutions. Since we also own our data center, we have the capability to not only manage all travel transactions but also to generate business intelligence and discern trends in the travel sector. All this helps us to complement our services beyond the technology element. 

Q: How does the company’s operations in Mexico add value to the business globally?

A: Amadeus considers Mexico a strategic country, not only because of its geographic location that connects the Pacific with the Atlantic ocean and the north with the south of the continent but also because of the potential of the tourism sector here. 
Mexico is a rich country in terms of biodiversity, destinations, traditions and culture and we believe tourism should be among the country’s engines of economic development. In general, tourism contributes over 8 percent of the country’s GDP. We want this to continue growing and Amadeus to be the technology ally for all tourism service providers. 
Q: What are the challenges you perceive in Mexico for the development of a stronger tourism sector? 

A: There needs to be communication and synergy between the different players, including the government, private initiatives and other members of the tourism sector. Amadeus is a key player in making this connection. We have an important relationship with the government, companies from the private sector, tourism associations and representatives from different tourism destinations, providing not only technology but enabling business development. 

Q: What future travel trends has Amadeus identified?

A: The tourism industry is extremely dynamic. We have seen the change from paper tickets to full digitalization, which was a milestone. These changes are happening constantly and they prioritize the travel experience. 
Travelers not only look for the product itself, the airplane or the hotel; they want to live an experience that starts the moment they begin their travel research. It continues throughout the travel period itself and even after it has ended. Technology must be present at every stage. Today, if someone has a bad travel experience the entire world knows about it because of social media. We support our clients and help them ensure that the final travel experience exceeds expectations. 
Connectivity is also crucial. Travelers want to know in real time if any detail of their trip has changed. In this sense, technology becomes essential. We know the human touch will never be replaced but we also understand that adding technology to the human element helps to improve the overall travel experience.    
Another trend we have identified is that travelers expect to find all their travel options in one place, which means having the plane, hotel, shows, activities and dinner options on the same platform. It is important to note that travelers are not always looking for the most economical option. There are those who are focused on luxury or niche travel, so it is important to also cater to them. All these options need to be in a single, agile platform that allows the search process to be done quickly. Segmentation is key.