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Mental Health in 2022: A Challenge That Always Has a Solution

By Carlos Herrero - Extrategia de Comunicación y Medios


By Carlos Herrero | CEO - Tue, 04/26/2022 - 10:00

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Mental health is a personal issue of paramount importance that is influenced by absolutely everything around us. The more than 800 days of pandemic have taught us that health is the essential value of life. Therein lies all the rest of the life choices we have to make in life. The curious thing is that issues that are not so visible, such as mental health and its different derivations, run the risk of going unnoticed and, therefore, poorly cared for.

We are all afraid of certain expressions. Mental health is one of them. We believe that it may be somewhere between schizophrenia and senility and that it is better not to even think about it. But stress, intransigence, mental fatigue, lack of enthusiasm and passion, exclusion, maladjustment and uncertainty, are obvious signs of mental health deficiencies.

The chat rooms in which we all participate are flooded with questions about the new normal, ways to resume normal life and mental health; but there is not enough in-depth reflection on what needs to be addressed. Companies should consider something as simple as ongoing surveys to identify how each employee and each work team is doing.

From there, they should continue with planning to mitigate the effects of months and years of uncertainty and anxiety. The plan should be proactive and attack the real and specific problems of each person. Without forgetting that the first person responsible for his or her mental health is each individual and that the need to seek and receive help should come from him or her.

Companies must consider their managers and human resources specialists as true observers of reality and of people in order to identify at what mental, personal and professional level employees are at and to be able to offer them the best solutions to continue developing.

There are no magic formulas in the area of work environment and internal communication. What is required is that what is proposed and carried out in both cases must be based on a deep analysis and a short-, medium- and long-term vision.

We should no longer be discussing the home-office format or the hybrid format. This is a discussion that has been outdated for months. The home office allows a degree of efficiency and face-to-face work allows the development of a team culture that allows continuous improvement. Let's say that the home office allows the stability of the soul and the face-to-face part allows the human reality of sharing and living together.

Nor should we fall into the cliché that there is a lack of solutions for mental health affected during the pandemic.

The great psychologists and psychoanalysts, since Freud and Jung, have shown that it is very easy to identify symptoms but complex and risky to draw conclusions. Freud skated remarkably in this, while his pupil Jung was calmer.

The symptoms of mental health damage are obvious. The solutions may be complex but they are within reach. Closeness, information, attention, conversation, personalized plans, coaching and continuous accompaniment will never go out of fashion in dealing with situations that may be relevant.

Let us not fall into the search for extraterrestrial solutions. Let's apply common sense and solve each case with care, analysis and projection, with a personalized accompaniment that builds human beings capable of working for the human certainty and security that shape them.

Photo by:   Carlos Herrero

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