Mexico Keeps Its Tourism Sex Appeal
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Mexico Keeps Its Tourism Sex Appeal

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Daniel González By Daniel González | Senior Writer - Thu, 05/07/2020 - 16:40

Deep Knowledge Group, a consulting and market analysis firm based in Hong Kong, placed Mexico among the 15 most dangerous destinations due to COVID-19. While the country´s government health officials continue to demonstrate a relatively stable infection curve, they have not yet conducted the necessary tests to map the real situation of the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, private and public hospitals are beginning to saturate. The possibility of Mexico becoming a mirror to Spain, Italy or the US remains a possibility. However, that has not changed its attractiveness as a world-class tourist destination. Preferred Hotels & Resorts, one of the most important hotel chains in the world with establishments in three continents, recently conducted a survey among its the clients of its loyalty program to find out what their preferences would be once they got the chance to travel in a post-COVID-19 world.  The news is in - Mexico came out a winner, ranked in the Top 10 most desirable destinations in the world.

According to more than 4,000 customers surveyed by Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Mexico remains an attractive destination, an honor it shares with destinations such as Florida, Italy, UK, California, France, Hawaii, New York, Spain and Japan. In addition, the survey reports that many travelers hope to travel in 2020. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed say they will book at least one trip during 2020, as long as travel restrictions are lifted, 17 percent say they are already making reservations for this year and 75 percent say the reason for the trip will be to visit a family member.

Mexico’s travel industry hopes that Mexicans who travel within the country will contribute to the recovery of the industry. More than half of those surveyed say that if they happen to travel this year, it will be in Mexico. North American travelers say they would travel abroad – 30 percent would travel to Europe, the region of the world most affected by COVID-19, and 11 percent would travel to Asia Pacific, the region where the virus originated.

Preferred Resort & Hotels has establishments in Mexico City, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Following Cancun, Puerto Vallarta made the decision yesterday to seek the COVID-19-free destination certificate. “As long as there is no vaccine, we will work to let visitors know that the protocols are being followed and there will be actions to prevent the spread of the virus,” said Álvaro García Arce, Representative of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Association. Puerto Vallarta, one of the country’s most popular destinations, has only five hotels open, according to the association, and they do so to accommodate workers in activities considered essential.

Juan Carlos Mondragón, President of the Jalisco Hotel and Motel Association, recently announced the creation of a promotional campaign called ‘El Buen Mes’ aimed at boosting tourism in the state once things begin to settle down in early July. The package consists of offering tourists one free night for each three-day reservation. “The promotion can be extended nationally, depending on how the markets are reactivated. We will be working with restaurants and airlines,” Mondragon told Milenio.

Photo by:   Unsplash

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