Beat Wille
Country General Manager
BCD Travel Mexico
View from the Top

Mobile: The Future of Corporate Travel

Sat, 12/01/2018 - 17:08

Q: What are the main challenges BCD Travel México faces in this large and diverse country ?

A: Planning processes can be a challenge because a high percent of the trips we manage are classed as urgent. However, the habit of planning is improving. When customers do not plan in advance often only higher fares are available and part of our role is to help customers identify opportunities to save. We create value for companies.

Q: How do you see technology being applied in travel management in a country like Mexico?

A: Technology is our selling point. We are moving toward Big Data and working on larger projects to further enhance the ability to make even better projections and establish benchmarks as can be done within the DecisionSource platform. For example, we service many pharma that now can compare themselves to their industry peers. The generation of good data and its analysis is crucial. We also guide our clients toward the usage of corporate online booking tools, that give the individual traveler access to book directly, similar to a consumer site but in a controlled environment that respects the company’s policies and rules. Having customers with high online adoption allows us to offer them more attractive prices.