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RSeguridad: Italian Quality for Mexican Companies

By Andrea Villar | Thu, 11/05/2020 - 07:00

Q: How did RSeguridad start in Mexico and what is the company's added value compared to its competitors?

A: RSeguridad was born eight years ago with the desire to promote an Italian brand in the country. As the project grew, we saw the opportunity to become a point of reference for many Italian factories in the Mexican market. Italian factories have a high level of technology and are quite specialized in some industries; however, these companies lack the American business mindset. Factory owners do not feel the urge to expand, even though their technology is among the best in the world. Given our understanding of the Mexican market, we knew we could introduce all this technology and provide companies here an advantage. Our focus on maintaining close relationships with our customers and providing long-term post-sales follow-up is among our differentiators.

We are not just distributors, however. We are the brand representative of the Italian companies we sell. Moreover, by importing only products from factories in Italy, we have a very fast and economical supply line, which means our customers can have a European product at a very competitive price. Another advantage of having small factories in Italy is that we can tailor a product to the customer’s needs, including the color, size or system.

Q: What is an example of a project you are working on and who are your clients?

A: One example is a project related to highway toll booths, for which we were in charge of installing tire killers a few meters away from the toll barrier, which is activated if a nudge is detected at the entrance. But it can't be just any punching machine, it has to be adapted to highways. The problem was that the product is mainly used as an anti-terrorism solution; however, the Italian factory was able to adapt the machine to correspond to the required lane measurement. The adaptation reduced the cost of maintenance, making the product very cost-effective. The advantage of being a small factory is that they can easily adapt, customize and constantly improve the products. 

Among our customers are banks in Mexico, such as Mexico's central bank, Santander, BBVA and Citibanamex, businesses like Elektra, which has installed our anti-intrusion smoke machines at 300 branches, and Grupo Salinas. Since using our system, Grupo Salinas has seen a noticeable decrease in in-store theft. By comparison, Coppel, which does not have this system installed in its branches, has seen an increase in theft.

Q: RSeguridad modified its fog cannons to sanitize the spaces where they are located. How are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

A: The major route of transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases is the airway. We modified our fog cannons to emit a dense mist with a minimum of disinfecting quaternary ammonium compound that is sufficiently effective to deactivate the virus. In Mexico, some companies have bought the cannons to enter the sanitation business; however, they just use any liquid, which can be harmful to people or simply not effective. We are backed by the University of Turin, which invented the formula we use together with several European laboratories. We also have COFEPRIS’ endorsement. Moreover, unlike other sanitizing systems, the emission from our equipment is dry and does not damage clothing, skin or electronics. 

This tool helped the company at a time when most of the sector was in decline. The adaptability of this product gave us the guideline to grow. Now, we are also considering using this tool in greenhouses to spread insecticides or plant food. We are developing a protocol together with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the government of Hidalgo to carry out tests in mobile hospitals to prove the effectiveness of our formula on COVID-19. If positive, we would be the first company certified with a product that can deactivate the virus in the air.

Q: Where do you see an opportunity to grow your services?

A: In the coming months we will be introducing a fire fighting system that can be controlled and programmed remotely. We do not need to send a technician to make a simple change to the system. This helps us to solve problems faster.

Q: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, what impact do you expect from budget limits and how are you supporting your customers?

A: We have always been characterized by our in-depth knowledge of Italian factories and we pass on the savings we get from them to our customers. Moreover, we offer the possibility to finance projects while waiving advance payments. As these are imported products, we usually ask for a 50 percent advance to start production and bring it to Mexico. However, in the last few months, we have started a project based on the reliability of our customer relationships.


RSeguridad is an official representative of Italian brands in Mexico. It offers access control products such as bollards, road blockers as well as alarm systems, video surveillance and anti-theft fog generators, the latter are also used to sanitize the spaces where they are located

Andrea Villar Andrea Villar Journalist and Industry Analyst