Sandra Hernández
Director General
Club Med Mexico
View from the Top

Safety, Sustainability Priorities for French Tourism Company

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 16:10

Q: What value do your Mexican destinations add to the global Club Med portfolio?

A: Cancun is the jewel in Club Med’s crown in Mexico. It is the No. 1 resort in sales and numbers of visitors, both national and international. For Club Med, Mexico is a very important country due to the enormous growth of the tourism sector. The company also has increased the number of Mexicans staying at our hotels in Cancun and Ixtapa, which represent 69 percent of our overall sales in the country. 
Q: Mexico has a broad tourism offer. How do you position the Club Med brand ahead of your competitors?

A: Sixty-eight years ago, when Club Med was founded, we became the pioneers of the all-inclusive concept, which gave us the opportunity to face different markets with a considerable advantage. We are not a traditional hotel chain, as we offer different added values for Club Med guests. Our services go beyond food and lodging services; we offer innovative experiences with the best amenities. Our company vision is to be the creators of happiness and our hotels offer a wide variety of options for all ages.
Q: What has been the greatest challenge related to Club Med’s ability to position the brand and destinations offered?

A: The repositioning of Club Med over time has been the biggest challenge for us. Approximately 14 years ago, we catered to adults and couples but later started targeting the family segment. This change has taken time and continuously demands that we innovate our approach to provide the best services.  

Q: How is your responsible tourism initiative reflected in your business strategy?

A: In 2018, Club Med received the Green Globe award for the third consecutive year. This prize is awarded to companies that make positive contributions to the environment and the region where they have operations. Club Med supports communities through the purchase of local products. Our buildings are also equipped with solar tiles that help reduce electricity consumption. 

Q: Your resorts are located in Ixtapa and Cancun, both zones that have been impacted by security issues. How do you deal with these problems?

A: Club Med works closely with other accommodation providers to protect the area and boost tourism appeal. We also work in close collaboration with the authorities to create an ideal environment and offer a differentiated value. In the last four years, we have had no negative experience or security incidents at Club Med. Our security service and our collaboration with other entities allow us to offer peace of mind to our visitors in all the locations where we operate. 
Q: What tourism trends are beginning to emerge?

A: We have seen an increase in travelers in the Caribbean region and there is greater motivation from airlines and other industries to build the necessary infrastructure and to boost tourism in the region. Also, more Mexicans travel abroad, although mobility is being held back by the volatility of the peso against the dollar and the country’s political uncertainty.
Q: What are your growth expectations?

A: Club Med’s vision is to look to other continents to create new tourist destinations that are attractive to our customers. To achieve this, we have signed an alliance with Group Fosun, which is one of the most important investment conglomerates in China. We want to look to the Asian continent and invest in the construction of hotels in strategic countries. The flow of business and tourism travelers between the Americas and Europe to Asia has increased, so we want to take advantage of this opportunity in the medium term. Club Med will also continue its strategy of opening between three and five hotels per year.