Shield Allows for Safe Industrial Reopening
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Shield Allows for Safe Industrial Reopening

Photo by:   Roccoly
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María Laurens - Roccoly


Q: How did the development of Bulwark Herö come about and what is the status of its patent?

A: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began researching a solution to reactivate the heavily-impacted hospitality industry. Almost all members of my company have decades of experience in the hospitality industry and seeing it get hit so hard was devastating. It not only affected large hotel chains, it led SMEs to close.

Searching for a solution, we found a Japanese-based material that works as a thin, durable shield. The panel is scratch-resistant and can be easily cleaned. It is called Shiloh Shield. Unlike acrylics, this technology has no pores and allows sound to pass through, making interaction safe and functional. Those who use acrylic panels end up discarding them because they cannot hear each other through the material.

Our Bulwark Herö (BH) panels are easy to assemble, practical and strong enough to be used in the hospitality industry. The shields and their aluminum frames have passed resistance tests against scratches and falls. We also found that nothing sticks to it, which was another positive considering the nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We began BH’s patent process last year but this is a lengthy process that likely will take another year. We are patenting it in the Americas, China and other countries. We are the only company using the Shiloh Shield in a product. We have not found anything else like it.

Q: What differentiates this product from other solutions in the market?

A: The shield’s main differentiator is its ability to propagate sound due to its thinness. Even when the shields are used in conferences, those in the back are able to hear through the BH shield. The sound is also perfectly clear on video recordings.

We offer two standard sizes. One is ideal for 90 percent of the population, according to their height, and the second targets the remaining 10 percent. The Bulkwark Herö is adjustable without tools and can be setup two different ways: semi-square shaped and triangle-shaped panels. Both are practical, easy to fold and can be used at different events and in different situations, such as conferences, classes and many others.

Q: How have your products helped the economic recovery of the industries you work with?

A: We are just introducing the product after concluding research and testing but results have been positive so far. We have introduced it in the US to our targeted audience, which is the hospitality industry. We have not yet been able to test it in larger settings but are hopeful that it will become a standard solution for those still concerned about the virus, because it will give them an additional layer of protection from those who are not vaccinated. The shield is meant to be used in addition to other sanitary measures, such as wearing a mask or constant hand-washing.

We have yet to enter Mexico’s hospitality industry, where we see strong potential. The sector will continue attracting international travel, attracting investment into the country. We have seen this effect after prominent events such as the F1 race.

Q: What is Roccoly’s strategy to enter the Mexican market?

A: We personalize our strategy for each country. We want to expand smartly instead of conquering the world all at once. In Mexico, we are reaching out to our contact base and we will go from there.

The product is manufactured in Tijuana and while we were selecting our manufacturer, we interviewed other manufacturing companies in the area that were using acrylic panels in their offices. During one of the interviews, we asked them to try our product and they noticed a significant improvement in sound, showcasing the competitive edge our product has.


Roccoly designed the Bulwark Herö, a social-distancing solution that adds an additional layer of confidence and allows for increased ballroom occupancy at meetings and events.

Photo by:   Roccoly

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