Juan Rincón
Director General
Sabre Travel Network

Technology Helps Grow the Travel Sector

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:23

” Traditional travel agencies still exist in Mexico but the internet has drastically changed the landscape, says Juan Rincón, Director General of Sabre Travel Network. “The internet has been a game changer. It provides users with more alternatives to the traditional agencies.”

While most are familiar with travel agencies, few are familiar with technology providers of solutions for travel agencies. Sabre Travel Network is a B2B travel marketplace that provides technology solutions for travel agencies, corporations, and government. Rincón says travel agencies constitute about 60 percent of Sabre’s client portfolio.

Though Sabre has been around for a fairly long time, the use of data and technology solutions has always been a priority for the company. “Sabre has always used data and has always been at the forefront of information management. Our servers around the world allow us to access a wide range of data,” says Rincón. The use of technology and advanced algorithms is what provides Sabre with a competitive advantage against its competitors, he adds. “We offer robust and more economical tariffs than the competition. We can do this because our tariffs algorithm is better managed.”

Mexico's importance has not been overlooked in the traveling sector, with major players established in Mexico. Rincón says that “due to its market size, geographical importance and proximity to the US, the most important Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have operations in Mexico.”