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Warmth, Closeness Needed to Reach the Customer

By Andrea Villar | Wed, 09/30/2020 - 16:51

Q: How has COVID-19 affected Ink PR and how is the company taking advantage of the situation?

A: The pandemic has forced companies to accept an accelerated digital transformation. The situation has not affected us as such because we were already used to working remotely. At Ink PR, we have always said that our resilience is what has made us successful. However, for many other companies, this health crisis forced them to implement a new working methodology overnight.

COVID-19 has sensitized companies to the fact that their communication which, both internal and external, must be affective, and include an element of warmth and humanity. The goal of communication is to transmit familiarity to the receiver. Technology serves to bring us closer and we must use it to our advantage.

Before the crisis hit Mexico, we worked closely with companies and journalists to tell stories about our brands and in this way create a link between companies and their market. Currently, companies are less than a click away from communicating with their customers and that is a unique opportunity to infuse messages with warmth and familiarity.


Q: What is the key to generating a message with warmth and familiarity?

A: As in life, it is all about doing before talking. Technology opens up an opportunity for companies to demonstrate what they can offer. For a brand to be meaningful, it has to leave behind pretentions and institutional communication and convince its potential customers with actions, which are made visible through communication. Likewise, for companies to get closer to their audience, it is necessary to demonstrate their added value and social commitments.

COVID-19 has humanized us all because it has affected everyone equally. Companies, bosses and co-workers have generated empathy with each other and customers in the face of this crisis. Having said that, companies should build their message based on their experience and time in the market, as well as their social commitment.


Q: How does Ink PR help shape a company’s vision for social responsibility?

A: As communication experts, we link brands to their audiences. To build a good reputation with a certain group of people, you need to understand how they think, what their lifestyle is and the things that bring value to them. We then help companies create a unique message and differentiate themselves from other brands by highlighting their actions to help a certain group of people. Building a company's reputation is not easy because it is not enough to tout it, it must be demonstrated.

For years, companies have hired us to create a communication strategy focused on their relationship with the media. However, we have added more services because companies are now looking to make a direct connection with their customers through digital media. A few years ago, we created an area called Influencer Marketing, where we apply our experience in public relations to connect our clients with digital influencers. 


Q: What are Ink PR's plans for the rest of 2020 and 2021?

A: Our plans include growing our services for building better internal communication in companies because we believe that companies need their employees and collaborators to understand the business, while feeling comfortable and close to their company. In small companies it is easier, but in companies with more than 10,000 employees it is difficult to generate familiarity and loyalty. We will continue to make a difference with clients both large and small. Some of our current and former clients, such as Gayosso and MasterCard, know how to innovate and have become an important benchmark in their industries in Mexico.


Ink PR is a Mexican communication agency with more than 18 years in the market. It offers internal and external communication services, as well as communication strategies related to new technologies

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