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Work Clothing Expresses a Company's Identity

By Jan Hogewoning | Wed, 12/16/2020 - 05:00

Q: What added value does GDI offer to clients? 

A: We offer a comprehensive service related to corporate uniforms. At GDI, we provide everything from the design of the clothing to the colors, materials and functionalities. We create embroidery, prints and custom designs that allow our clients to express their corporate image. Each client has multiple needs. Some want uniforms for their security team, for their staff on the production floor or for the administrative staff serving customers at shops. We have the capacity to offer a wide range of products that cover all needs.

This is quite normal today but we were pioneers in the market because we started offering our services in 2000, when it was standard practice for a company to hire different companies to manufacture and design their shirts, trousers and hats separately. There was no company like us that offered a comprehensive service. 

We have developed a program in which we offer exclusive and tailor-made products for our clients. If we create a design for Coca-Cola, it will not look like any other company's design. To understand what clients are looking for, we get involved in their operations to understand how they will be using the uniforms. We observe, for example, whether workers will be in wet or cold weather and develop special clothing for that climate. Customers like Coca Cola, KIA, Vips, OXXO, Walmart and KFC trust us because our products are always ready when they need them. We are in the retail, automotive, banking, consumer, food and beverage and security industries. 

Q: What are the most challenging elements in this industry?

A: We personally deliver uniforms to our clients' offices. This is a great advantage because companies do not need to have storage space for uniforms. A year ago, one of our automotive customers asked us to deliver uniforms to its more than 2,000 workers in just 20 minutes because the operation could not be stopped beyond that time limit. Moreover, the company asked us to develop a system to monitor the delivery of the uniforms in real time. To do so, we had to develop a completely different logistics system than we had at that time. We had to use barcodes so each employee could be registered when receiving their uniform so managers could see who was missing. This is what GDI does. We provide services that go beyond just making the uniform. We pay special attention to the needs of our customers. 

Our customers have many business units. Therefore, we have three levels of attention. First are the users who will wear the uniform. They need them to be comfortable, attractive and functional. Then we have an area that includes human resources, supply chain, marketing and logistics, which seeks to be current and understand customer needs. Third is the corporate level, where we look beyond the uniforms being comfortable and accessible. In this area, we ensure that we meet international standards of quality and sustainability. For some clients, we have developed ecological fabrics, for example. Additionally, once the uniforms start to wear out, we recycle them. We also offer protective clothing for industries like oil and gas and the glass sector. These industries require materials that are fire retardant, with artificial fibers that protect people from electricity or flames.


GDI Grupo Diamante Internacional is a Mexican company with more than 25 years in the market. It is dedicated to the production, design and customization of corporate clothing for industries like automotive, beverage, restaurants and retail

Jan Hogewoning Jan Hogewoning Journalist and Industry Analyst