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Alberto Mendoza
The Zacatecas Mining Cluster is a nonprofit civil association that was formed in 2012 by mining companies, academic institutions and government bodies
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Mexico Mining Forum 2019: Alliances and Innovation to Boost Mexican Mining Sector panel highlights
Guillermo García Alcocer
Guillermo García Alcocer

CRE offers young professionals the possibility to leave their mark on the country and contribute to its future growth. Mexico’s reforms have laid the groundwork to increase the country’s competitiveness. It is a critical moment in our history. The Energy Reform allows new ways of developing the country’s most vulnerable regions. We can transform Mexico’s southeastern states into economic powerhouses just by supplying natural gas to them. The electricity sector’s reform has not attracted as much attention as that for hydrocarbons but it is probably the most powerful for boosting the country’s economic development. Energy has the potential to change Mexicans’ way of living for the better. It can create new jobs and give young Mexicans a wider range of options for the future. CRE is an important part of creating a strong energy industry to transform the country’s social structure.

Human talent has been singled out as one of the most controversial subjects resulting from the Energy Reform.
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza
Leader of the Research Group on Energy & Climate Change
The Binational Lab looks to push the triple helix approach in the energy sector. We want to bring academia together with public and private sectors
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