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Weekly Roundups
PEMEX has recently reported an alarming number of new COVID-19 cases. This and more in this week’s roundup!
MBE Andrea
Andrea Ortiz
Andrea Ortiz
Events Coordinator
Mexico Business Events

We need to end the so-called “community violence” (individual or collective acts that violate women’s fundamental rights and promote denigration, discrimination, margination and exclusion in the public sphere). This is hard work and much needs to be done. To reach our objective, we need integral and effective prevention policies that incorporate gender perspective in the enforcement of justice (from the social and historic context we grew and live in, to the way in which the female body is presented and perceived). Our current social context questions the very idea of public spaces and the notion that they offer a place for each of us. Inequality between men and women are the bedrock of social order, which is why violence against women in public spaces translates into uneven relationships of power between genders. We need to create a new social order.

Mexico Business women share their views on what would make them feel safer in an environment of fear and growing insecurity.
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