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Mexico Mining Forum 2019: Alliances and Innovation to Boost Mexican Mining Sector panel highlights
Octavio Alvídrez
Octavio Alvídrez

Fresnillo’s La Herradura mine was the most productive gold asset in the country with 520,400 ounces of output in 2016, helping to make Fresnillo the largest gold producer in Mexico last year. Gold has always held an important position in our portfolio and we have bullish views about this commodity’s future. When we listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2008, our growth plan was to double silver production to 65 million ounces and double gold production to 250,000 ounces of gold by 2018. We are now aiming to produce 1 million ounces of gold in 2018 – 300 percent more than we had initially targeted – so that reflects the vital role that this commodity has to play for the company.

Mexico’s gold miners need to fill their respective production pipelines with strong assets to ensure the country’s place in the top 10.
With global financial markets still plagued by uncertainty in 2017, investors are increasingly bullish on gold’s long-term prospects.
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