Various metals are being used to decarbonize the world, making mining a critical sector in the green transition.
Guanajuato Investment
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Guanajuato continues to attract investments in the automotive sector. Read the details about Le Belier's US$68million plant coming to the state.
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Next year, Guatemala will finish the infrastructure of the project that aims to connect North America and Central America.
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s most important mining news, including an upcoming world-class sampling e-course and turbulent metal prices.
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The Aluminium Association of Canada expressed disappointment regarding the US’ new tariffs on Canadian aluminum, just after USMCA came into force.
José Alberto Enríquez, Regional Operations Manager for North America of Maxion Wheels
José Alberto Enríquez
Regional Operations Manager for North America
Maxion Wheels
The steel wheel versus aluminum alloy debate has been running for sometime, and the jury is still not entirely in on which comes up trumps
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