Agustin Lanzagorta
Agustin Lanzagorta
Director General

The rise of the price
companies that operate in pesos may think twice before acquiring an airplane. Clients who use private aviation services operate in dollars, as the aircraft and all related services, excluding jet fuel, are valued in this currency. While our personnel is Mexican, they are trained abroad, so international economic changes even affect our staff acquisition and their professional training.

The global economic crisis has influenced our FBOs and MRO because individuals are flying less all over the world and the number of flight hours has reduced across borders.

The private aviation market is subject to regulation changes and is as equally influenced by international economic factors.
Andres Arboleda
View from the Top
Andres Arboleda
Co-Founder and Director General
Privé Jets and Go2Jets
Our excellent customer service positions the company as an elite brand in both our private aviation and private yacht services.
MAAF 2016
News Article
Mexico Aerospace Forum 2016: Private Aviation Market on Its Way to Disruption panel highlights
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