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Antonio López
National Association of Representatives, Importers and Distributors of Auto Parts and Accessories|ARIDRA
There are only two types of automotive components with applicable NOMs: antifreeze and brake fluid. A new NOM suggests changes are coming
This is the story of how a spare part seller managed to have 85 percent of its sales coming from digital channels even before the pandemic started.
EPICOR - Antonio López
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Antonio López
Vice President
Epicor Latin America
EPICOR explains its success stories in making operations more cost-efficient while supporting its customer base during the COVID-19 pandemic
Antonio López - ARIDRA
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Antonio López
MLD is a Mexican spare part seller focused on the aftermarket. Learn more about its successful digital sales strategies.
Antonio López - ARIDRA
View from the Top
Antonio López
ARIDRA’s president affirms creativity will be key for aftermarket players after COVID-19
Bosch Production
Weekly Roundups
This week, there has been much discussion about whether or not automotive supply chain companies should continue operating.
Spare Part Shop
News Article
45,000 shops across Mexico will remain open to support the vehicle park
We have developed new plant models, including the Aclara Plantas PAQUETE, which are portable and more compact than our traditional solutions
Antonio López
Director General
Verticalization, an increasingly popular phenomenon in Mexico City as building space
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