Digital Applications Continue to Transform Industries
Weekly Roundups
The digital transformation continues to foster innovation across Mexico’s industrial sectors.
Microsoft Azure: A Catalyst for Private 5G Networks
News Article
The technology giant partnered with telecommunication companies around the world to enable access to private 5G networks.
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Weekly Roundups
Among the tech companies that reported earnings this week were Apple, Facebook and Spotify, all of which beat market expectations
Francisco Roldan
View from the Top
Franscisco Roldan
Cyber-T is a relatively new company in the cybersecurity space. It was formed in 2018.
Hectór Cobo
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Héctor Cobo
Vice President
SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America
SAS is assisting e-commerce companies in better inventory management, as well as realtime client profiling.
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Weekly Roundups
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which companies have been the least affected and which have gained the most so far?
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