Javier Solís
Javier Solís
Ministry of Economic Development
city of Nuevo Laredo

Some companies coming to Nuevo Laredo have placed approved projects on standby while the talks take place. They are waiting for the new rules to be announced, which is understandable as they are thinking about their costs and how their operations could be affected by changes in the content of the treaty. But the market’s progress continues. I think these negotiations stimulated the market instead of harming it. Many European and Asian companies continue to be interested in investing in Mexico. With or without a wall, we continue working. With or without NAFTA, international trade will remain. If the US decides to pull out of NAFTA, all the WTO agreements would enter into force and the US would be harmed the most.

US goods and services trade with Mexico totaled an estimated US$579.7 billion in 2016.
Diego de la Mora
View from the Top
Diego de la Mora
Vice President and Mexico Head
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