Sunset by the Tijuana border.
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Subsidies on gasoline prices were reinstated across the US-Mexican border, though not in Tijuana and Playas del Rosario.
US Ambassador Ken Salazar with Governor of Chihuahua María Eugenia Campos
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The binational group will promote investment in border infrastructure modernization through Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Act.
Vaccine Progress Brings Hope to Countries
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The global scenario regarding COVID-19 has recently turned brighter as R&D shows promising results. But is it too soon to relax confinement…
Migrants covid-19
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Vulnerability of migrants has increased as COVID-19 spreads. Lack of regulation could cause a humanitarian crisis.
60 percent of the investment in a highway or freeway benefits communities
As of December 2015, more than 30,000km of highways, freeways and feeder roads had been modernized and constructed.
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