investment first phase
The enhanced technologies and experiences that the Energy Reform has delivered were well illustrated in Block 4.
MOGS 2017
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Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2017: The Road to First Oil for Mexico’s New Offshore Operators panel highlights
This has been an exciting year during which we have started start reaping the benefits from all the hard work of the past years
According to the company’s preliminary results for 2012, Pemex’s crude oil production actually dropped 0.2% in nominal terms.
The headlines in 2009 were that Pemex was running out of crude; that is not the case anymore
We still believe there are several opportunities in this area, especially if we look for field extensions.
José Antonio Escalera
Subdirector of Exploration
The current expectations for Navegante, according to Carlos Morales Gil, are to produce a volume of between 30,000 and 40,000 b/d.
The discovery of Cantarell was one of the most important moments in the history of Mexico’s oil and gas industry.
Cantarell has been a problem for Pemex since it reached peak production in 2004.
If 2011 was a turning point for the Mexican oil and gas industry, then 2012 is the year that Pemex must prove that its successes were not a chance
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