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The US Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will work with countries to identify safety issues.
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SHCP announced that the country’s finances surpassed expectations for 1H22. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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Mexico has not recovered the FAA’s Category 1 safety rating leading to large losses for airlines, the country's GDP and labor.
Cuitláhuac Gutiérrez, Country Manager, CANAERO
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Cuitláhuac Gutiérrez
Country Manager
The three airports in the Valley of Mexico should differentiate their services to avoid competing against each other, says Cuitláhuac Gutiérrez.
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The Mexican government implements several changes to regain the lost Category 1.
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Two of Viva Aerobus’s new routes have been canceled by the FAA after Mexico suffered a downgrade in its air safety rating.
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