MBF 2022
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Different types of businesses are finding new ways to adapt to a challenging landscape not unique to Mexico.
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Weekly Roundups
Both entities develop strategies to support SMEs and help the Mexican economy recover. This is the week in finance!
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Weekly Roundups
Banorte has shown interest in saving Banamex with investments from Mexican citizens. Ready? This is the Week in Finance!
Gerry Giacoman
View from the Top
Gerry Giacoman
Tech unicorn Clara’s Gerry Giacomán Colyer says the company wants to ease expense management by providing an all-in-one platform.
Mexico’s entrepreneurial sector is thriving but the country still has potential to continue supporting new businesses.
Unicorn figure
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Mexican and Brazilian startup Merama became the latest Mexican unicorn member after a US$1,2 billion valuation thanks to an e-commerce growing market.
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Mexican startup received the “unicorn” label after obtaining a U$70 million funding round while completing its Latin America expansion plans.
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Clara became the fastest Latin American company to reach Unicorn status in the region.
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The Mexican startup offers a new option for entrepreneurs looking to manage their expenses.
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