Pablo Viguera
Startup Contributor
Pablo Viguera
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
The potential offered by the fiscal data extracted from the SAT in Mexico is enormous but very few are capitalizing on it, writes Pablo Viguera.
Mastercard card
News Article
To address the banking issue within Mexican business, Mastercard and Jeeves have created a joint credit card with record-time credit approval.
Image by Pasja1000 from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
Mexico is ready to implement 5G technology and major financial digitalization as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the fintech revolution.
Heye Guo, Oplay CEO | Co-Founder, Nanopay
View from the Top
Heye Guo
Oplay CEO & Co-Founder
Mexico’s highly dynamic market led Nanopay to reevaluate its service portfolio to enter the country, says Co-Founder Heye Guo.
Mario Hernandez, Finvero
View from the Top
Mario Hernández
Finvero aims at providing SMEs with liquidity through credit at one of the lowest rates in the market
Fernando Padilla
Expert Contributor
Fernando Padilla
Your strategy to keep assets up to date and how you invest your money becomes key to success in an increasingly competitive and global world.
Jorge de Lara
Expert Contributor
Jorge de Lara Novella
Global Commercial Services and Vice President Mexico and Latin America
American Express
Traditional bank loans might be the better-known option but they are certainly not the only one and they do not always respond to current needs.
News Article
Banorte advances efforts to support restaurants with new RappiCard.
News Article
Both companies recently released this program to support Mexican restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic.
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