President López Obrador and SEDENA head Luis Cresencio Sandoval during today's briefing in Aguascalientes.
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Highlights: AMLO reacts to video allegedly showing his brother Pío and David León exchanging money. Asks Attorney General's Office to…
A Deaf Call For Unity In The Mexican Healthcare Sector
Weekly Roundups
Despite the public and private sectors declaring their will to cooperate, being on the same page is key to begin action.
In today's briefing Teleton head Fernando Landeros reported over 227,000 people with disabilities treated for COVID-19.
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Highlights: AMLO says new owner of fertilizing plant offers to give back money. In the public’s interest to follow trial of ex-PEMEX head …
Daily briefing in Oaxaca. President López Obrador is ongoing a weekend tour in the state.
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Highlights: AMLO says everyone involved in Lozoya case must appear in court. Alcocer, López-Gatell told AMLO only social distancing was needed…
Minister of the Navy Admiral Rafael Ojeda during June's 3 briefing in Campeche.
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Highlights: AMLO rules out an authoritarian plan if regions need to strengthen contingency. Heavy rains are expected in Gulf of Mexico states…
President López Obrador said he expects to resume tours next week.
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Highlights: AMLO says contingency funds for states will have rules and will bar indebtedness. He is open to discussing the reopening process…
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