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The aim is to create key alliances with the private sector, governmental authorities and other universities to improve cybersecurity in Mexico.
Santiago Gutierrez
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Santiago Gutiérrez
Leading Partner Cyber Risk Services
Deloitte México
According to leading analyst firms including Garner, Deloitte is a leading cybersecurity services firm globally
Smart City
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Smart cities may be the solution to improve people's quality of life and mitigate our impact on the environment.
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COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Mexico. Still, some myths linger that prevent them from truly embracing digitalization
Deputy Minister
Industry and Commerce

Mexico’s participation in the industry will be founded on competitiveness. Our priorities should focus on market diversification and investing in the areas that are important to OEMs and suppliers in the country. Under this administration, Mexico has worked on implementing a “light” industrial policy where the government only intervenes in matters when the market demands it. Our focus has been on four pillars: generating world-class talent, promoting innovation, supporting supply chain development and creating synergies between clusters. If NAFTA were canceled and we worked under WTO regulations, a 2.5 percent tariff in car and auto parts production would not impact us as long as we remain competitive. We must keep growing our capabilities for investment to continue.

The renegotiation of NAFTA has shone a light on Mexico’s true competitiveness as an automotive hub.
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