Mateo Jaramillo, Co-Founder and CEO, Heru
View from the Top
Mateo Jaramillo, Co-Founder and CEO, Heru
Mateo Jaramillo
Co-Founder and CEO
The SAT has put more pressure on gig economy workers and their platforms. Heru aims to facilitate tax filing for them and companies.
Richard Farr
Expert Contributor
Richard Farr Mobility
General Manager
DiDi Mexico
Technology, now more than ever, is behind the user experience and, therefore, vital to the survival, or not, of an operation, writes Richard Farr.
Cristian Huertas
Startup Contributor
Cristian Huertas
Founder & CEO
No matter the Latin American country you look for, there are four banks with more than 80 percent of the mortgage offering, writes Cristian Huertas.
AIFA Control Tower
News Article
Despite its connectivity challenges and some unfinished construction works, AIFA was officially inaugurated.
Future of Vehicle Sales
News Article
The pandemic transformed how and why cars are sold, explained experts during the “Future of Vehicle Sales, Ownership & Aftermarket Services”…
News Article
While Mexicans have historically favored traditional car ownership, new alternatives are becoming popular among younger generations.
News Article
Mobile application Lyft continues growing its engineering team in Mexico City but has no immediate plans to offer rideshare services in the country.
News Article
Working conditions are improving for delivery and ride-hailing app workers. Learn about their new social security opportunities.
M B M - Market Cap
News Article
The Chinese giant officially went public at the New York Stock Exchange using the DiDi symbol. Its first day closed its market cap at US$80 billion.
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