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Weekly Roundups
An incoming year based on dialogue is recommended for healthy finances.
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Weekly Roundups
Cryptocurrencies took the spotlight this week, as Bitcoin debuted in the NYSE and the Mexican Stock Exchange seeks to list cryptos.
The Rise of State Digital Currencies
News Article
Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, warns about the potential dangers of putting CBDCs in control as global economies explore their implementation.
Enrique Suárez
Startup Contributor
Enrique Suárez
Mountx Real Estate Capital
Digital currencies are just the beginning. The tokenization of real world assets is attracting investors and financial markets worldwide.
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The sudden need for e-commerce has brought new opportunities to seize and challenges to beat.
Daniel Vogel
Daniel Vogel
Co-Founder and President
In 2014, in a good month, the number of bitcoin transactions on exchange platform Bitso amounted to MX$4 million.
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