Technology Market Shows Signs of Cooling
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The risk of a global recession is slowing technology job creation in Mexico.
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A global recession is likely inevitable and with it comes a choice: grow the economy or lower inflation.
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Weekly Roundups
The World Bank indicated that the world economies could soon face a global recession. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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The likelihood of a global recession is becoming increasingly clear, how did the world come to this point?
In its new report, the group gave a clear outline of where the country is headed in economic and investment matters.
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Consumers are buying less because of inflation, thus affecting global trade, warns the World Trade Organization.
Jessica Roldan, Chief Economist, Casa de Bolsa Finamex
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Jessica Roldan
Chief Economist
Casa de Bolsa Finamex
Diversification, investments and savings are critical to tackle the uncertainty of the near future, says Jessica Roldan, Chief Economist at FINAMEX.
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The European Central Bank modified policies to reach the 2 percent inflation target.
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Given Mexico’s dependence on the US economy, economists fear that if the US enters a recession, Mexico will follow.
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