High Voltage Electricity Cables
Weekly Roundups
CFE’s international arbitrations and the government’s move against self-supply contracts are among this week’s top stories!
Windmills and solar panels.
News Article
Iberdrola has been denied requests to modify permits. With the new energy reform vote coming up, the government seeks to assert CFE’s influence.
María José Treviño
Expert Contributor
María José Treviño
Country Manager
Acclaim Energy
Navigating the Mexican energy market is no easy task but with the right advice you can reduce costs, mitigate risks and secure improved reliability.
Juan Avila, Top Energy
View from the Top
Juan Ávila
Top Energy
Juan Ávila explains the company's success with its in-demand installation services, and working with big brands such as Walmart.
Alejandra Vázquez
Alejandra Vázquez
Environmental Director
Grupo Bimbo
“We are not focused on one aspect in particular, such as wind. Grupo Bimbo is crafting the best strategy and best mix for resource pptimization,”
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