Fernando Becerril Orta
Expert Contributor
Fernando Becerril Orta
Socio Senior
Becerril, Coca & Becerril
Mexico needs public and private sector empathy to support innovators, allowing them to build a better quality of life, writes Fernando Becerril.
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Bradford Cooke, Endeavour Silver Corp
Bradford Cooke
Founder and CEO
Endeavour Silver Corp

"Although we would prefer to see this government be more supportive of mining and accelerate the issuance of new mining concessions and new mining permits, we now feel a bit more comfortable investing in new mines in Mexico. These election results are generally positive for the Mexican economy as a whole and for foreign investment in particular. Mining plays a key role in the Mexican economy because most of its positive economic impact is in the poorer rural areas of Mexico. Mining careers provide some of the highest-paying jobs in the country, representing 3-4 percent of total employment"

The election results have sent a positive message to most of the country's business leaders. However, AMLO's political power poses further…
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