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Mexico Aerospace Forum 2018: NAIM is No More; Regionalization the Way to Go panel highlights
Infographic - 2017 Sector overview
The aerospace industry slowed down during 2016 but continues to perform well.
Analysis - The Year in Review
Slowing but stable revenues, a backlog of existing orders, rising passenger numbers and a favorable manufacturing climate are expected to overcome…
Federico Patiño
Federico Patiño
Director General
Grupo Aeroportuario de la Cuidad de Mexico (GACM)

NAICM is one of the world’s most intricate infrastructure projects and when completed will become Mexico’s door to the rest of the world. According to the National Infrastructure Plan, NAICM is intended to be an international hub as well as a global logistics platform that will spark the country’s economic and socialdevelopment. This international flagship also will demonstrate the country’s ability to develop immense projects in an efficient and transparent manner and will become an economic focal point, creating a balance between the west and east of the city. One of the biggest challenges we will face will be finishing both on time and on budget, which is a challenge for any megaproject. Of all of the megaprojects constructed around the world, only 6 percent are actually finished on time and on budget but we are optimistic the new airport will be one of them.

Travelers flying to or out of Mexico City on any Friday night or Monday morning will immediately understand one of the airport’s main problems:
Francisco Bautista
Francisco Bautista
Leading Partner of Aerospace Industry
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