MISS 2017
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Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Summit 2017: Creating New Forms of Government Through Collaborative Design presentation highlights
Gabriella Gómez-Mont
View from the Top
Gabriella Gómez-Mont
Director General
Laboratorio para la Ciudad
Laboratorio para la Ciudad is an experimental division of the Mexico City government where specialists pose new ways of approaching issues.
Javier Cordero
Javier Cordero
Javier Cordero
President and Director General
Oracle Mexico

A Smart City is one that achieves efficiency between its inhabitants and suppliers. To achieve this efficiency, Smart Cities require IoT, the Cloud and Big Data. IoT is fundamental, since every element of the city must be connected to send information to the Cloud. When it comes to digital transformation, neuronal networks are fundamental. We are focusing on traditional business, but new technologies such as IoT are connecting everything to the internet. Mexico does not have the infrastructure to support this transformation just yet. However, this is changing and we are on the right path. There are several companies heavily investing to reinforce the existence of the 4G network. Telecom companies are now working toward a new generation of 4G where users will be able to reach cable-speed connections without being connected to a cable. This will lead to new business models that we cannot even imagine now.

Technology is being developed at an exponential rate and, given that companies are struggling to adapt to the context
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