Mexico City Subway Has New Director
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Two months after its collapse, the Mexico City Subway has a new leader.
Graciela Márquez, Rocío Nahle, Carlos Slim and Arturo Herrera, among others, attended today's briefing in the National Palace.
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Highlights: AMLO announces 39 infrastructure projects, including five in energy worth MX$98.9 billion. Private sector is the ‘vaccine,’ says Romo…
frank matute pacific oil tools
View from the Top
Frank Matute
Managing Director
Pacific Oil Tools
"In Mexico, you can sometimes still see examples of this type of antiquated mudlogging. Sometimes, it is even done with pen on paper"
National Center for Gender Equity and Health head Karla Berdichevsky during today's briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 50,935 estimated active cases nationwide; 6,019 more confirmations than yesterday raises the total to 362,274
Cash in Mexico
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May 21st became the day where most cash in circulation occurred in Mexico’s history. However, the digitalization of retail continues to increase.
Carlos Slim
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s infrastructure is stirring up some headlines. Check out the latest in this week’s roundup!
fcc construcción corporate offices
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A contractor set to build the Mayan Train’s second segment joins the list of companies with a problematic past.
filing of mayan train bids to fonatur
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Less than a week after the winning bids for the first segment of the Mayan Train were revealed, the winners to build the second segment are out too.
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A large segment of Mexico’s commercial and retail sector has now committed to a zero-layoff policy.
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