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Eliseo Ruiz
Founding Partner
Med Congress
By eliminating time and space barriers, Med Congress strives to ease the educational process for medical professionals.
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Jacobo Luchtan
Hello Doctor
To increase access to quality healthcare services, Hello Doctor offers free and paid medical consultations in over 50 specialties.
Gustavo Rodríguez Founder and CEO of nutriADN
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Gustavo Rodríguez
Founder and CEO
Genetic tests can support the development of a preventive healthcare culture, argues nutriADN’s Gustavo Rodríguez.
Reimagining Nutrition in a Post-COVID-19 Era
News Article
With the correct technology, entrepreneurs are finding creative methods to support healthier lifestyles.
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Georgina García
Cluster Médico Jalisco
Through technology and science, Cluster Médico Jalisco is positioning the state as a hub for innovation and research.
Startups Transforming the Healthcare Environment
Innovation technology and science unite to offer disruptive solutions. However, success in entrepreneurship faces many barriers.
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Ángel González
AUGEM Technologies
AUGEM has created a device to support people with visual impairment to gain independence.
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Javier Bacho
System Director LATAM Operations
The CHRISTUS Excellence and Innovation Center
CHRISTUS CEI brings together care providers and patients to develop comprehensive solutions that go beyond technology.
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Rubén Gaitán
Executive Director
Alandra Medical
Through foreign investment, Alandra Medical seeks to grow its clinically supported product in the Mexican and global market.
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