Startups Transforming the Healthcare Environment
Innovation technology and science unite to offer disruptive solutions. However, success in entrepreneurship faces many barriers.
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Ángel González
AUGEM Technologies
AUGEM has created a device to support people with visual impairment to gain independence.
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Javier Bacho
System Director LATAM Operations
The CHRISTUS Excellence and Innovation Center
CHRISTUS CEI brings together care providers and patients to develop comprehensive solutions that go beyond technology.
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Rubén Gaitán
Executive Director
Alandra Medical
Through foreign investment, Alandra Medical seeks to grow its clinically supported product in the Mexican and global market.
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Benjamín Morales
Co-Founder and CEO
Machina Innovation Lab
Machina Innovation Lab supports the early stages of health tech projects through investment. Its current priority is TOCI PT, a pain relief therapy.
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Tomás Iglesias
Founder and CEO
Osiris Healthtech Systems
Through Hospital Data Suite, Osiris Healthtech Systems can connect diverse tech platforms inside hospitals, regardless of the solution provider.
 CoWomen on Unsplash
Equality at the workplace is still a long road ahead. However, Mexico does have outstanding female leaders in the health sector.
Victor Sánchez
Expert Contributor
Victor Sánchez
Red OTT México
Mexico has experienced a significant delay in indicators in which technology transfer can provide value to further improve the country’s position.
María Jesus Salido Rojo
Startup Contributor
María Jesús Salido Rojo
Social Diabetes
There will be a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the pandemic crisis and it is easy to imagine that the new world will force a rethink of the rules of the game
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