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Tech has revolutionized care for patients and providers. Industry experts share their experience in successfully embracing digitization.ón-MBN.jpg
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Mario Aguillón
Co-Founder / Treasurer / Insurtech Association Mexico
Through an innovative business model, offers free insurance products that democratize health access, says Co-Founder Mario Aguillón.
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Carina Reverter
CEO and Partner
MeetingDoctors Latam
As only 7 percent of Mexicans have medical insurance, MeetingDoctor’s telemedicine platform aims to bridge the gap in services.
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Arturo Sánchez
As society’s needs shift, traditional insurance coverage loses its value. Insurtech Sofía wants to meet these new needs, says CEO Arturo Sanchez.
Paula Garavito, Director General, Keralty
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Paula Garavito
Director General
Keralty’s integral offer strengthens the most fundamental level of care to reduce comorbidities and health expenditure.
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The pandemic hit the country’s health system and income. Experts identify the urgent action points to revert the damage.
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In Mexico, income made the difference between life and death during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chamber of Deputies
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PRI’s deputies submitted a reform initiative to increase Mexico’s annual health expenditure.
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Drug cartels have worked to increase their social influence for years and gained a stronger foothold during the pandemic.
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