Hector Robles
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Héctor Robles
President for Latin America & Vice President of Global Operations
FirstCall Corporate Security Services
Security companies can sometimes have the unusual job of giving people the good news that Mexico is a lot safer than they think.
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Gerzayn Fuentes
Koltek highlights the importance of fire prevention systems for hospitals, warning that most facilities are not adequately protected.
Cybersecurity for Health Data
News Article
As technology interconnections grow, the need for a cybersecurity framework in Mexico is needed.
David Rocha
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David Rocha
Managing Director and Director General Latin America and Brazil
SparkCognition uses AI and machine learning driven models to provide reliability, safety, efficiency and security in cyber-physical systems.
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Jesus Diaz
With one of the largest hospital networks in Mexico and the US, CHRSITUS MUGUERZA is a key player in building health cybersecurity.
Carlos Zuñiga
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Carlos Zúñiga
Founding Partner
“We are good administrators of conflict but we want our clients to understand that we would much rather be good negotiators.”
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Christian Tovar
ECA Fire Systems
ECA Fire Systems is a Mexican company that offers a variety of fire prevention and control technologies
David Liljehult of OZONOCLEAN
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David Liljehult
Director General
OZONOCLEAN is a professional cleaning company that provides customized cleaning solutions for textiles, furniture, carpets and valuable rugs.
Alejandro Espinosa
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Alejandro Espinosa
Director of Sales
HID Global Mexico
Amongst its many solutions, HID Global offers various touchless access solutions.
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