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Alec Lee
Director Healthcare Research
FrontierView, part of FiscalNote
Alec Lee, of FrontierView, part of FiscalNote, shares his insights regarding Mexico’s health sector, including telemedicine opportunities.
 Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash
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The pandemic hit the country’s health system and income. Experts identify the urgent action points to revert the damage.
An Aging Population Threatens Health Systems’ Stability
A transformative demographic shift might compromise health systems’ finances. Learn more about this here.
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The high prevalence of chronic conditions contributed significantly to COVID-19’s impact in the country, highlighting the need to address this issue.
Midterm Elections’ Impact on Healthcare
After many controversial reform proposals during AMLO’s administration, the sector sees a calmer future.
An Ageing Population Requires New Economic Strategies
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As life expectancy grows, health systems will have to deal with a population that requires more services but generates less economic flow.
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Guillaume Copart
Managing Director
Global Health Intelligence
COVID-19 reshaped global hospital environments. Managing Director of Global Health Intelligence Guillame Copart talks about the scenario in Mexico.
Javier Picó
Expert Contributor
Javier Picó
LifeSciences Consultants
Everyone now understands that responsibility for “Health” goes beyond the misnamed “Health Systems” (misnamed because they are mainly healing systems)
Angela Spatharou
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Angela Spatharou
Partner, Latam Healthcare Systems and Services Practice
McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company started in Mexico in the '70s. We were one of the first management consulting firms to develop a client base in Mexico…
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