John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America
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John Padilla
Managing Director
IPD Latin America
For the oil and gas industry to attract the investment it needs, the promotion of competition and fiscal incentives are necessary, says John Padilla.
ROSEN’s innovative and environment-specific cleaning solutions keep operations running safely and smoothly, optimizing asset uptime and life cycle.
Daniel Absalon, CCO, Riansa
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Daniel Absalon
Every well requires a specific tailor-made solution, says Daniel Absalon, which Riansa aims to provide.
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The latest technology deployed at the flagship refinery puts IMP’s vast experience and expertise on full display.
MOGS-2022-Human Resources, Safety and Productivity-Panel
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In light of recent reforms and in line with the industry’s evolution, a synergy between HR and HSE strategies are more important than ever.
MOGS-2022-Crucial Upstream Technologies & Operating Frameworks-Panel
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Fossil fuels still have a huge role to play, but operating processes must be made more efficient to minimize environmental risks and emissions.
Fugro Graphic
Fugro ROAMES® is changing the landscape of vegetation management with more convenient, cost-effective and efficient solutions.
Diáz-Canel MX
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The cash-strapped NOC is to provide technical support and assistance to reconstruct the Matanzas oil depot destroyed in the August Fire.
Marco Cota
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Marco Cota
Talanza Energy
Marco Cota, Talanza Energy’s Director, explains how his firm is leading best practices in methane emission reductions for oil and gas operators.
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