Ron Corio
Ron Corio
Ron Corio
Array Technologies

DuraTrack HZ v3 is the latest innovation we have developed. It is covered by more patents than any other tracker. Even though it consists of a single drive with a single motor, one motor drives 1MW of solar panels. In other words, this motor can power two football fields of solar panels. There is a sliding, rotating, articulating driveline that connects every row. By linking up multiple rows, we minimize the number of potential failure points in the system, which ultimately increases reliability and uptime. Another unique element is that the system does not need to be stored flat to survive a windstorm. Through a patented passive wind-release torque mechanism, integrated row by row, it relieves the torque and stops the system from going into unstable harmonic interaction. It is a zero scheduled maintenance, robust product that owners do not have to worry about for its 30-year life.

MER asked experts what technology developments they think will revolutionize Mexico’s solar market, and what could hinder their implementation.
Gonzalo Rodríguez
View from the Top
Gonzalo Rodríguez
Sales Manager Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
JA Solar
JA Solar is a Chinese solar development company founded in 2005.
Although much attention has focused on the auctions, the short implementation times and low costs are making solar the preferred technology for…
Solar energy in Mexico is growing at exponential rates. Its participation has become even more important thanks to the long-term electricity auctions.
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