Jose Del Carmen Rodriguez
View from the Top
Jose Del Carmen Rodriguez
Director General
The company explains how it addressed the needs of CIudad del Carmen's offshore sector via services with its harbor for PEMEX and others.
Tomas Sibaja
Tomas Sibaja
Executive President
Aerospace Cluster Baja California

In our vision, Mexican states should not compete with each other. Rather than competing, it should be a matter of complementing each other’s capabilities. Our objective is to encourage states to find their niche. We have a very close relationship with all the existing clusters in different states such as Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro and Sonora, working together toward the development of the aerospace industry in Mexico. We worked with the emerging Guanajuato Aerocluster to refocus the the state’s leather industry expertise toward manufacturing parts and components for airplane interiors. We have also worked closely with Zacatecas, providing advice regarding assertive aerospace promotion. We also are Guadalajara’s ally in their quest to find a niche in electronics and avionics.

While collaboration is not a foreign concept in Mexican industry.
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