Marco Ribera
Marco Ribera
Senior Corporate Manager Environment & Safety
Nissan Mexicana

We recommend other off-takers use a multidisciplinary team with the ability to analyze the energy market from different angles, including financial, legal and operational issues. We also recommend being open to all the possibilities offered by the market so they can analyze and find the most suitable option. Most companies are not used to comparing when they select alternative energy supplies because we had a monopolistic market before. But companies should not be afraid of seeking advice on energy matters from professionals in the area so they can expand their possibilities. Benchmarking other companies’ strategies is also a useful activity, even if they belong to a different sector. For us, the most useful strategy at the moment is to stay updated about the market’s evolution and the new options available.

CFE had an energy monopoly for almost 80 years, meaning companies gave little thought to energy supply because there was effectively only one choice.
Julio Santos
Julio Santos
General Manager of Energía para Conservas
Grupo Herdez
Along with spicy food, the average Mexican cupboard is likely to hold pasta, mayonnaise or canned tuna made by Grupo Herdez
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