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Lisandro Herrera
Galicia Abogados
Understanding how to navigate a new business environment is key for companies to participate in the public health sector, says Galicia Abogados.
Lex Pro Humanitas
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Francisco Hernández
Co-Founder and Partner
Lex Pro Humanitas
Lex Pro Humanitas offers a social-oriented solution for health-related legal problems to people with limited resources.
Javier Picó, Partner at LSC
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Javier Picó
LSC develops commercial models for governments, funds, investors, manufacturers and distributors to increase the value chain of the health sector
Juan Carlos Castillo, Partner Director at CG&A, Legal y Asuntos Públicos
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Juan Carlos Castillo
Partner Director
CG&A, Legal y Asuntos Públicos
A law firm with a cause, CG&A support startups, multinational and national companies of the health sector to develop and define their social…
Fernanda Villareal Country Manager of Kiyeon Law
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Fernanda Villareal
Country Manager
Kiyeon Law
Kiyeon Law’s advisory expertise in the sector allows it to support health sector success stories.
Juan Luis Serrano  Partner- Life Sciences of Sánchez Devanny
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Juan Luis Serrano
Partner- Life Sciences
Sánchez Devanny
Numerous changes in Mexican regulations concerning life sciences bring significant opportunities to companies both local and foreign.
The Role of Authorized Third Parties in the 4T
News Article
Where do authorized third parties stand after the numerous changes and pronunciations regarding COFEPRIS?
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Sergi Trilla
Founder, President & CEO
Market and business strategies are key to growing the reach of a scientific or technological development, trifermed’s executives say.
Viviana Alcocer International Business Executive in Healthcare at VA Consulting
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Viviana Alcocer
International Business Executive in Healthcare
VA Consulting
Through close analysis of the sector, VA Consulting builds strategies to empower companies and boost their market performance.