Jose Maria Bermudez Aniq Dow
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José María Bermúdez
President, President & General Manager
ANIQ, Dow Mexico
"Mexico’s chemical industry is an economic engine and the essence of any number of value chains in other industries of a strategic nature"
roberto diaz de leon onexpo
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Roberto Díaz de León
National President
"We implemented the necessary protocols in a timely manner and contributed to making the industry’s customers feel safe while interacting with…
noemi perez repstim
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Noemí Pérez
Well Stimulation Manager
“Not all wells are suitable for stimulation and not all wells will present an increase in their production levels after being stimulated.”
José Manuel Gómez
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José Manuel Gómez
Director General
ASESARO is a Tabasco-based insurer and risk analysis firm. I has over 15 years’ experience and is part of the Tabasco Energy Cluster
manuel latapi api altamira
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Juan Manuel Latapi Diaz
Director General
API Altamira
“I would say the most important items in our plan are those related to the port’s social role.”
gema ing. francisco manjarrez
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Francisco Manjarrez
Director of Operations
"Coatzacoalcos is an attractive option for us, especially as Dos Bocas becomes saturated and its shortage of waterfront space becomes more…
Kelly Country Manager Gabriel Aparicio
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Gabriel Aparicio
Country Manager
Kelly Country Manager Gabriel Aparicio explains the changing nature of Mexico's talent pool and how company's must react to secure the best…
Concepción de la Garza
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Concepción de la Garza
Golfo Suplemento Latino
Concepción de la Garza explains how her company, GSL, is meeting the challenges of the price dip head on.
Offshore Oil Platform
News Article
More contract cancellations caused by COVID-19 dent the NOC’s great exploration hopes.
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