Karlo Valentin Rodríguez
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Karlo Valentin Rodríguez
Chief Technology Officer
Klustera Inc.
The trend toward outdoor activities could spark a new awareness of the world’s beauty and the need to care for it, writes Karlo Valentin Rodríguez.
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Global trade is expected to experience further trouble given current global issues.
Exploration has seen a major decline caused not only by the pandemic, but also by the new policies introduced by the federal government.
Mexican Restaurant
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Restauranteurs in Puebla speak against onsite dining restrictions after the government extends the lockdown period.
Restaurant plating
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After weeks of outcry from restaurant groups, the Ministry of Economy has stated it is willing to explore more ways to support the industry.
Claudia Sheinbaum
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Restaurants warn that if they cannot receive diners, they will disappear.
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ICSG published its copper market forecast for 2020-2021, showing another year of declining production
anxiety, stress
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For people who have already seen the benefits of working from home, returning to the office will be even harder and stressful
Gobierno de México
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The federal government presented the traffic light system under which the country could ease lockdown measures starting on June 1.
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