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Mexico Health Summit 2018: How to Increase the Productivity of a Country Through Health? panel highlights
Francesca Colombo
Francesca Colombo
Head of Health Division

Mexico has come a long way when it comes to the performance of its health. There are still several challenges ahead and it is necessary to address the system’s fragmentation by creating a universal, more level-playing, health system. The challenge for Mexico would be to improve the provision of services towards a model in which all providers attend to the needs of the population regardless of their affiliation to a particular institution. Access to care should be determined by need rather than employment status. Closer collaboration between the government and the health industry can help improve the level of access and quality of healthcare in Mexico.

Mexico’s growing economy requires an efficient healthcare system to serve its population but budget cuts have plagued the sector.
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Mexico Health Summit 2017: CNS Issues Created by an Aging Population panel highlights
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