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Weekly Roundups
Cryptocurrencies took the spotlight this week, as Bitcoin debuted in the NYSE and the Mexican Stock Exchange seeks to list cryptos.
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Take a closer look at the few automotive companies publicly listed in the Mexican stock Exchange.
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Based on the interest and demand that exists for cryptocurrency while searching for the best opportunities and benefits for the Mexican market.
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s economic recovery to slow down in 3Q21. Unemployment withdrawals increased and Evergrande’s downfall impacted the Stock Exchange.
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A recent announcement from Evergrande made it the most heavily indebted company in the world and affected the Mexican Stock Exchange.
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As the economic effects of the pandemic have started to wind down, oil companies in Mexico are reporting promising numbers.
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E-commerce giant Wish began trading on the BMV through SIC yesterday, bringing more opportunities to local investors.
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Grupo Sanborns’ online sales grew by 450 percent in 1Q20. However, the group’s total sales fell by 1.4 percent compared to the same period in 2019.
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Weekly Roundups
Concern for Mexico’s private sector this week after the court’s ruling saying PEMEX no longer has to share pipeline or storage terminal capacity with…
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