Rick Rule
President and CEO
Sprott US Holdings

Private funding is very difficult to access for exploration, and the best source of private capital for exploration is probably from high-net-worth career mining explorers or from mining operators that are looking to outsource exploration. Mexico is fortunate in that it has five or six private individuals who are themselves eager participants in the Mexican exploration industry. This is something even the Mexican industry does not understand about itself. The fact that national investors are eager to fund these projects gives foreign investors like ourselves some confidence.

Mexico Mining Review asked industry leaders about the often-heard complaint that there is limited funding available and asked for their solutions.
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José-Oriol Bosch
BMV Group
BMV Group is comprised of companies that operate a stock exchange, derivative products, an OTC securities and derivatives brokerage company, etc.
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Rob Peterman
Vice President of Global Business Development
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV)
TSX & TSXV are integrated, multi-asset class exchanges and are global leaders in supporting the capital and liquidity needs of global mining…
Fernando Pérez
Executive Director
Miners often lack access to funding in the Mexican market and normally choose to list their companies on foreign exchanges, particularly the TSX.
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