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Mexico Mining Forum 2018: Capturing Ideas: Innovation Molding The Future of Mining panel highlights
Susana Corella
Susana Corella
Federal Deputy for Sonora and Head
Special Mining Commission

There is nothing better than generating policies and making decisions with a view to parity. I hope this can be done by a woman so she can speak from her own experience and attitude. Women have talent to manage and we have a great challenge, which is to break the wall of prejudices. Regarding gender parity in the mining industry, I consider it beneficial because it can add experience, skills and knowledge. Women have a lot to contribute but I am happy to know that we have left behind the idea that only men work in mining. It is time for us to overcome quotas and achieve parity, so that decision-making positions and executive levels include more women. Companies can contribute by having strategies and policies in favor of gender parity, opening positions in management, trusting women and eradicating labels, stigmas and prejudices.

As the mining industry begins to awaken to the potential of women MMR asked the female leaders within the industry about the main challenges they face
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