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SENER detailed yesterday that it was seeking to push a new energy policy - one that favors state-owned PEMEX and CFE.
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A federal judge indefinitely suspended SENER’s policy. Rocío Nahle has already announced that SENER will challenge the suspension immediately.
President López Obrador shows the agreement signed with the National Association of Private Hospitals (ANHP)
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3,115 private hospital beds available for one month will help the federal strategy to fight COVID-19. President López Obrador thanks hospitals owners…
graciela alvarez
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Graciela Álvarez
NRGI Broker
Graciela Álvarez, CEO of NRGI Broker, has played a key role in advocating for the best possible practices in the oil and gas sector.
Alma América Porres
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Alma América Porres
Commissioner Porres at the CNH discusses how the recent changes in Mexico´s government and energy policy have impacted CNH.
Rossy Perez
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Rossy Pérez
General Manager
The general manager outlines how the company works along with PEMEX to achieve ambitious production goals and what technology it uses.
Tula refinery fell 15 percent in 2019, processing on average 121,154 barrels per day and a utilizing 38.4 percent of its installed capacity.
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In 2019 an average of 592,010 barrels per day were transformed into fuels with the SNR working at 36.1 percent of production capacity.
zama wells
Zama’s discovery, an incredible success story for the Energy Reform, has become the scene of a reported disagreement.
snr crude processing
With a new focus on achieving energy sovereignty, PEMEX’s Industrial Transformation will need to step up and play a crucial role.
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